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Accessories Accessories


Saffron No 1 Collection bed linen as well as our beds are produced exclusively from natural materials. Bed linen for your Saffron bed is sewn from the top quality 100% white Egyptian cotton, which is exceedingly pleasant to touch, giving you an exceptional feeling of healthy sleep. To perfectly fit with your Saffron bed, the No 1 Collection has a satin border in the colour of the bed. Borders in the following colours are available: Chocolate Brown, Anthracite, Camel, Lavender, Green, Blue, Yellow, Silver, and Red.

Duvets and pillows

For perfect rest and healthy sleep we offer blankets and cushions from hand-sorted fine powder down from geese. The exceptional properties of down such as hygroscopy (the ability to absorb moisture), airiness and warmth cannot be substituted with any artificial material. You can choose from a wide range of dimensions and warmth rates. Saffron blankets and beds contain only the highest quality powder down, which stays airy and nicely warm for many years. Enjoy healthy sleep to the fullest.

Saffron Trio cushion

Trio, a unique three-chamber cushion, guarantees the softness of down together with a correct support for your head. It consists of two chambers with the finest powder down in outer layers and one chamber filled with goose feathers inside.

Saffron Blankets

Choose from two types of blankets: Universal and Winter. The Universal blanket is suitable for year-round use and the warm Winter blanket during cold days. Our Saffron blankets are produced from 90% fine powder down from geese and 10% goose feathers.

Bedroom furniture

Our collection also includes handmade bedroom furniture such as bedside tables, armchairs, chests, seats, and chests of drawers. You can configure this furniture in line with the design of your bed. Combined with the Saffron bed it will create a perfect harmony in your bedroom.