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Saffron Aurelia is the most luxurious and comfortable model in Saffron’s portfolio. It is distinguished by four spring systems in the base and in the main mattress, with rich layers of cashmere, white horsehair, wool and cotton.


The main mattress consists of two unique 10 cm high spring systems. Each layer of pocket springs is wrapped surrounded by rich layers of cashmere, loose white tail-horse hair, wool and cotton. The sides of the Aurelia’s main mattress are stitched by hand four times, to give the mattress the greatest stability.


All First class natural fabrics and stuffing such as genuine horsehair, cashmere, wool and cotton flow around the contours of the body at night, allowing the air to circulate and insuring that you will always sleep at the right temperature and with minimum sweating.



1. upholstery fabric (100% cotton)
2. cashmere
3. cashmere
4. loose horsehair
5. wool / cotton
6. loose horsehair
7. cashmere
8. cashmere
9. upholstery fabric (100% cotton)

MATTRESS (34 cm)

1. upholstery fabric (100% cotton)
2. cashmere
3. wool / cotton
4. loose horsehair
5. wool / cotton
6. loose horsehair
7. pocket spring system (10 cm)
8. pocket spring system (10 cm)
9. loose horsehair
10. wool / cotton
11. loose horsehair
12. wool / cotton
13. cashmere
14. upholstery fabric (100% cotton)


1. upholstery fabric (100% cotton)
2. wool / cotton
3. loose horsehair
4. pocket spring system (10 cm)
5. pocket spring system (10 cm)
6. firm wooden slats
7. Swedish pine wooden frame (30 cm)

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