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Saffron Nuova is the newest addition to Saffron’s family of beds. If you are looking for a great combination of quality sleep, excellent design and price, this bed is made for you.


The Nuova is made of rich layers of loose horsehair, wool, cotton and two pocket spring systems. The main mattress of the Nuova bed consists of a 10 cm high spring system with layers of loose horsehair, cotton and wool.


The spring system placed in the main mattress allows exact and individual molding of the body and provides the bed with softness and comfort. Furthermore there is a second spring system at the bed base that ensures an even greater support for the body.


TOPPER Comfort (7 cm)

1. upholstery fabric (100% cotton)
2. wool / cotton
3. loose horsehair
4. wool / cotton
5. upholstery fabric (100% cotton)

MATTRESS (17 cm)

1. upholstery fabric (100% cotton)
2. wool / cotton
3. loose horsehair
4. pocket spring system (10 cm)
5. loose horsehair
6. wool / cotton
7. upholstery fabric (100% cotton)


1. upholstery fabric (100% cotton)
2. wool / cotton
3. pocket spring system (10 cm)
4. firm wooden slats
5. Swedish pine wooden frame (16 cm)

Create your own masterpiece

Choose from the wide range of Saffron’s striped fabrics, headboards and bed legs to truly create the bed of your dreams.





Bed legs


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